Earles Traditional Limewash – Candle Light

Earles Traditional Limewash – Candle Light

Earles Tradtional Limewash – Candle Light

A delicately tinted warm white.

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Our Traditional Limewash is perfectly pure. Containing only filtered slaked lime and salt, it offers exceptional breathability when applied to lime render, lime plaster, earth walls and timber. It is naturally mould and bacteria resistant, making it good for damp walls both inside and out. With a chalky texture and unique patina, we think that Traditional Limewash achieves the most stunning of natural finishes.

NOTE: Our Limewash products are double concentrated and must be diluted with water before application. See application guidelines for dilution ratios. 10 Litres of Limewash will cover 30m2 using 3 coats.