About us


Earles are a family business with years of experience in the field of traditional paint. Our journey began when we discovered a highly breathable alternative to limewash which had been used and trusted worldwide for almost a century then shelved when modern polymer paints flooded the market. The inventors of the paint were G&T Earle.

We devoted ourselves to learning as much as we could about the benefits of breathable paints and where they should be used. In the process we realised how incompatible modern polymer paints are with traditional building methods and materials, and their detrimental impact on the environment and to our health.

As advocates for the use of traditional paints, Earles are proudly polymer free with no harmful chemical additions. Containing only ingredients found in nature, following an extended life cycle, our paints can return to the earth causing no harm to the environment or the people or animals within it.

From our base in the heart of Northumberland we supply paint to the whole of the UK and beyond. We pride ourselves on our knowledge of the products and our reputation for 5 star customer service. Our friendly team is on hand to welcome all enquiries and offer advice and support every step of the way.